The NICR Commodity Certification Course is a definitive training program that has proved invaluable to anybody interested in commodities and those indirectly linked to the markets. It is a complete guide to the ins-and-outs of the commodities futures marketplace. The course ensures that you thoroughly understand the unique rules and market practices for commodity trades, market operations and structure, products, trading terminology, besides fundamental and technical analysis of individual commodities.

This course is suitable for you if you have little or no knowledge of commodity futures trading and exchange operations and want to learn how this market can add value to your business and to the economy. The added advantage is that you can learn at your own pace.

This programme intends to help the participants:

  • Become familiar with commodities and futures contracts, volume and open interest and other factors unique to the futures markets
  • Understand the unique rules and market practices for online commodity exchanges, clearing, deliveries and the related physical market ecosystem
  • Learn how to read market reports, fundamental statistics, seasonal patterns and more in order to find the right commodity and the right market condition.
  • Understand the benefits of hedging with futures
  • Understand basic trading principles
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in financial market
  • Investors already engaged in the equity market and wishing further to explore the commodities market
  • Brokers, authorized person, dealers, member personnel
  • Back-office and mid-office staff
  • Bankers
  • Corporations in the commodity supply value chain
  • Commodity research analysts
  • Chartered accountants inspecting and auditing brokerage firms
  • Small investors and HNIs

As a Commodities Analyst /Trader/ Relationship Manager in:

  • Broking firms
  • Commodities trading houses
  • Knowledge Process outsourcing - Research Analyst
  • Banks - Derivatives/ Commodities Trader
  • As a Trading Member in an exchange

Organizations will benefit from employees with NICR Commodity certification who have a clear understanding of how the commodity derivatives market operates and how its core services of pricing, hedging and delivery can benefit the company.

  • Basics of Commodity Markets
  • Pricing of futures
  • Basic principles of trading
  • Fundamental approach to price analysis of commodities
  • Technical approach to price analysis of commodities
  • Trading strategies
  • Functioning and regulation of exchanges
  • Process flow of a transaction on the exchange
  • Underlying markets in commodities
  • Exchange-traded Forward contracts

I. Introduction to Commodity Derivatives: This will introduce the learner to commodity markets and commodity derivatives, besides key concepts that form the base of commodity trading.

  • Understanding Commodity Markets
  • Understanding Derivatives
  • Global Commodity Exchange
  • Pricing of Futures

II. Basic Principles of Hedging, Speculation and Arbitrage: Commodity Price Analysis & Exchange Trading Strategies. This will focus on commodity price analysis and trading strategies on the exchange.

  • Price Analysis of Commodities- Fundamental approach
  • Price Analysis of Commodities-Technical approach
  • Speculation & Arbitrage strategies
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Functioning and Regulation of Exchange
  • Exchange transactions
  • Settlement
  • The underlying Market in Agricultural commodities
  • The underlying Market in Non-Agricultural Commodities
  • Online books specially written and published by NICR
  • Since the applicants are from different walks of life and of different age group and qualification, efforts have been made to confine the study materials which can be easily read and understood.
  • There are model questions at the end of every chapter for self-assessment before proceeding to the next chapter.
  • Candidate can schedule the examination of his convenience.
  • Exams can be configured for 24X7 availability.
  • Per candidate fee for the Certification course is Rs.1700 (Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred only), plus applicable taxes.
  • Any Educational Institution which sponsors bulk applications of minimum 20 candidates from their Institute at one instance, will be eligible for a concessional course fee. To avail this facility, the institute should mail to or with list of candidates and their email IDs.
  • Fees once paid, will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • After Successful submission of application form and payment, NICR require one day for Payment confirmation.
  • And after payment confirmation, system will send automated notification (email / SMS alert) to the candidate with his application form number and other details.
  • Candidate are required to complete the course and schedule for the Test within six months from the date of payment of the course fee. The Authorize Period is Six month period starts from date of Payment confirmation. It is the maximum period in which candidate has to take test. Candidates are required to complete the course and schedule/take the Test within the maximum six months from the date of payment of the course fee.
  • The Payment / Fees Includes
    1. Course registration fees
    2. Start of Authorize Period ( Max. six month after payment confirmation)
    3. Course study materials consisting the access of online-secured books
    4. User ID and password to access the secured course content
    5. Exam Assessment- Only one attempt
    6. Course Certification- After successful exam
    7. Help Desk access over e-mail
  • This fee does not cover anything other than those listed above. Specifically, it does not cover:
    1. Internet access charges
    2. Provision of PC for free Tutorial on the website
    3. Any coaching for the Certification Course.
  • The examination will be an online proctored based exam at your location
  • The candidate has to appear for an examination hosted on the website itself.
  • Candidate can take examination at their convenience. The selected place should be in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions.
  • Only one complete certification test is permitted to each candidate.
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Pattern of questions: 90 multiple choice based questions of 1 marks each.
  • To pass the examination, you will need to correctly answer at least 50% of the questions.
  • There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.
  • Candidate is able to see the result immediate after the completion of exam.
  • Those who fail to clear the exam will have to register again as a fresh candidate following the same process. There will be no retake of the Test for the candidates who have scored less than the cut off mark. They have to register again as a fresh candidate following the same process.
  • NICR Instructions for registrations (Click Here)
  • NICR Online Examination Instructions and Policies with Terms and Conditions (Click Here)
  • NICR Online Examination System Requirement with Do and Don't (Click Here)
  • NICR Online Examination At Your Location-Help Video (Click Here)
  • The issuance of certification will be done after verifying the images captured during proctored exam. If images shows any unfair way of examination, the NCDEX Institute of Commodity Markets & Research (NICR) have the all right to cancel candidate certification.
  • The successful candidates can access his/her certificate on the dashboard within a timeframe of a few days after the end of the exam window.
  • Successful candidates will be issued a Certificate by NICR, which will be valid for three years from the date of the examination.
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