Welcome to NCDEX Institute of Commodity
Markets and Research (NICR)

NICR is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to promoting research and awareness in the commodity markets.
It derives its credibility and strength from its parent organization NCDEX, one of India's leading commodity exchanges.
NICR offers a variety of certification courses, open-enrolment courses as well as customised educational programmes anywhere in India.

These course are open to all, from a novice to an expert interested in learning the commodity and derivatives market.
courses are designed for easier understanding of even an uninitiated person with a non-finance background and
explain various concepts in the context of real-life practical scenarios. These courses are compact enough
to provide an optimal learning experience to a knowledge seeker.


Commodity businesses often lack market understanding and always carry price risks. Our research will help them in identifying and mitigating those risks, and empower them to pre-empt the market trend to protect the bottomline.


We leverage our domain expertise to help governments, economic institutions, and corporates to act responsibly for a sustainable and inclusive development of agricultural economy and raise farm incomes.

Education and Training

In order to spread awareness about the commodity derivatives market and educate different sections about this emerging segment of the market, NICR organizes and participates in various training programmes.

Our Courses

E-Learning Certification Courses

Classroom Courses

Online-recorded Certification Courses


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