Introduction to Technical Analysis online course will help you in a step-by-step manner to understand and implement the various facts of basic commodity technical analysis. Considering the volatile price fluctuations in agri-commodities, it is always an added advantage to be able to gauge and analyse these price movements and benefit from them. Technical Analysis is an effective methodology which, if understood well, can be useful to trade both the trending and range-bound market. Our commodity technical analysis course has been prepared after a very meticulous review of market behavior and volatility of agri commodities.

This programme will enable the participants:

  • To understand the dynamic price movements of agri-commodity market with the help of technical analysis
  • To gain expertise on various methods and tools to detect the pulse of the markets and determine the trend in which the prices are moving.
  • To develop the skills of commodity analysis and build their own trading strategies
  • Philosophy of Technical Analysis
  • Relationship between Price and Time
  • Volume and Open Interest
  • Basics of Dow Theory
  • Basic concepts of Trendlines Support & Resistances
  • Reversal and Continuation Patterns
  • Basics of Gap Theory
  • Introduction to Indicators and Oscillators
  • Section 1: Philosophy of Technical Analysis
  • Section 2: Rationale of Technical Analysis
  • Section 3: Types of Charts
  • Section 4: Define UP & DOWN Trend
  • Section 5: Role of Volumes
  • Section 6: Dow Theory
  • Section 7: Reversal Patterns
  • Chapter 1: Reversal Patterns
  • Section 8: Continuation Patterns
  • Section 9: Anatomy of a Candlestick
  • Section 10: Candlestick Patterns
  • Section 11: Introduction to Technical Indicators
  • Section 12: Moving Averages
  • Section 13: RSI & Stochastics
  • Section 14: Bollinger Bands
  • Section 15: Trading Strategies
  • Section 16: Test
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in financial market
  • Traders and jobbers
  • Investors already engaged in the equity market and wishing further to explore the commodities market
  • Brokers, authorized person, dealers
  • Technical analysts
  • Corporations in the commodity supply value chain
  • Commodity research analysts
  • Small investors and HNIs
  • 15 Videos
  • 1+ Hour of content
  • 40+ Supplementary Study Materials
  • Full Length Test
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