NCDEX Certified Commodity Market Professional certification is a comprehensive programme to prepare you for a career in commodity market. This course specializes on agricultural commodities traded in NCDEX. In this certification programme you will undergo training in various aspects of commodity market starting from very basics to how commodity markets function, to technical and fundamental analysis. You are introduced to the concept of derivatives and after all the basic knowledge you go deep into real market trading strategies based on fundamental and technical tools.

Under this course "NCDEX Certified Commodity Market Professional", the participant will be required to appear for two examinations, a) internal examination and b) certification examination. Please note that the participant will get the Certificate by NICR only after successfully clearing both the examinations.

This course is perfectly designed to expose a potential learner to research and trading in agri commodity market:

  • From the research perspective the learner will know both the fundamental and technical factors that drive the commodity price movements
  •   From trading or trading strategy development perspective the participant will learn to utilize the basic knowledge about fundamental aspects and technical indicators to form effective trading strategies

Section 1: Introduction to Commodities Market

  • Basics of Commodity Markets
  • Understanding Derivatives
  • Global Commodity Exchanges
  • Commodity trading eco-system
  • Pricing of Futures contract
  • Basic Principles of Hedging, Speculation and Arbitrage

Section 2: Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Philosophy of Technical Analysis
  • Relationship between Price and Time
  • Volume and Open Interest
  • Basics of Dow Theory
  • Basic concepts of Trend Lines Support & Resistances
  • Reversal and Continuation Patterns
  • Basics of Gap Theory
  • Introduction to Indicators and Oscillators

Section 3: Fundamental Analysis in Commodity Market

  • Basic Significance of Fundamental Analysis
  • Classification of Commodities
  • Factors Affecting Commodities
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Commodity Baskets
  • Correlation Between Commodities
  • Interrelation between Other Asset Classes and Commodities

Section 4: Agri Trading Strategies

  • Basics of important technical indicators
  • Technical entry and exit strategies in 1 and 5 minute time frames using NCharts
  • Technical entry and exit strategies in 30 minute time frames using NCharts
  • Spread trading
  • EDD data, stock data, future price data, Bhav copy, delivery data published by NCDEX
  • Arrival data published by agmarknet website
  • Pair trading in Agri-commodities

Section 1: Introduction to Commodities Market

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Commodities
  • Chapter 2: Introduction to Derivatives
  • Chapter 3: Commodity Exchanges
  • Chapter 4: Pricing of Derivatives
  • Chapter 5: Hedging and Risk Management
  • Chapter 6: Test

Section 2: Introduction to Technical Analysis

  • Chapter 1: Philosophy of Technical Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Rationale of Technical Analysis
  • Chapter 3: Types of Charts
  • Chapter 4: Define UP & DOWN Trend
  • Chapter 5: Role of Volumes
  • Chapter 6: Dow Theory
  • Chapter 7: Reversal Patterns
  • Chapter 8: Continuation Patterns
  • Chapter 9: Anatomy of a Candlestick
  • Chapter 10: Candlestick Patterns
  • Chapter 11: Introduction to Technical Indicators
  • Chapter 12: Moving Averages
  • Chapter 13: RSI & Stochastics
  • Chapter 14: Bollinger Bands
  • Chapter 15: Trading Strategies
  • Chapter 16: Test

Section 3: Fundamental Analysis of Commodities

  • Chapter 1: Basic Significance of Fundamental Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Classification of Commodities
  • Chapter 3: Factors Affecting Commodities
  • Chapter 4: Analytical Techniques
  • Chapter 5: Guar Complex
  • Chapter 6: Correlation Between Commodities
  • Chapter 7: Interrelation between Other Asset Classes and Commodities
  • Chapter 8: Test

Section 4: Agri Trading Strategies

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Indicators used in Technical Analysis
  • Chapter 3: Technical Strategy
  • Chapter 4: Strategy Module Spread And Pair Strategy
  • Chapter 5: Test
  • Students interested in pursuing a career in financial market
  • Investors already engaged in the equity market and wishing further to explore the commodities market
  • Brokers, authorized person, dealers
  • Small investors and HNIs
  • Back-office and mid-office staff
  • Bankers
  • Corporations in the commodity supply value chain
  • Commodity research analysts
  • Chartered accountants inspecting and auditing brokerage firms
  • Jobbers and traders of Agri-commodities
  • Traders and jobbers
  • 107 videos
  • 12+ Hours of Content
  • 55+ Supplementary Study Materials
  • Chapter wise Tests
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